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MX Isolators Shim Leveling MX Series

MXBP, MXBN, and MXBL Series Micro/Level Isolators combine highly effective vibration and shock isolation with a shim-leveled, low profile, low cost design.

Multiple-layer modular elastomer isolation technology capable of dynamic natural frequencies as low as 8 Hz, for highly effective vibration and shock isolation.

Shim leveling using Vibro/Dynamics supplied metal shims and non-slip material. Grout or sole plates are recommended.

The popular Hydra/Level® hydraulic lift-assist feature means built in openings for hydraulic rigging cylinders for fast, easier leveling, and elevation adjustment of the biggest presses.

24MXBP Vibration Isolator


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Request for quote form for general use small to medium (up to 500T capacity) presses running less than 250 SPM.