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Wedge Style Elastomer Isolators

Vibro/Dynamics Micro/Level Wedge Style Isolators are designed for the free-standing installation of Punch Presses, Machine Tools, Plastic Injection Molding and Die Cast Machinery.

Their wedge design, with side adjusting leveling screw, makes them ideal for leveling and installing machines that can not be used.

Wedge Isolators are also available with our unique Glide / Ring ™ damper designed to dissipate horizontal forces that cause some machines to walk. The Glide / Ring damper’s built-in swivel automatically adjusts for an out-of-parallel condition between the foundation and the bottom of the machine for improved machine support and isolator performance.

Wedge Isolators are available in free-standing, bolt-on, and bolt-thru styles with static load ranges from 4,600 – 240,000 lbs. per isolator.

Multi-layer elastomer versions are available for added vibration and shock isolation. Custom types, models and configurations to suit just about any need.

Versatile Elastomer Isolation

  • Heavy Lifting Capabilities
  • Increased Isolator Location Flexibility
  • Patented Glide / Ring Damping horizontal dissipates forces to stop walking

Anchor-through wedge

The anchor-through wedge is a leveling mount available in three different series and is capable of support of static loads up to 160,000 lbf.
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Wedge Leveling Micro/Level Isolators

Vibro/Dynamics wedge leveling isolators with unique features are capable of support of static loads up to 240,000 lbf.
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