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Coil Spring Isolators

Vibro/Dynamics designs and produces a large array of coil spring isolators to meet the demands of any application.

Optimal Isolation

  • Excellent isolation performance
  • Precision leveling available
  • Natural frequencies as low as 2 Hz available
  • Viscous and material damping available
  • Rugged, low-stress designs
  • Customizable

FSV Viscous Damped Coil Spring Isolators

FSV Hy/Damp™ Spring Isolators are one of the most effective forging equipment solutions as they are low natural frequency, viscous damped, coil spring design, providing excellent vibration and shock isolation. These isolators are ideal for forging hammer and forging press applications as their viscous damp design is very effective at reducing motion and absorbing the high energy levels found in forging applications. The superior vibration control will allow for sensitive equipment to be installed closer to the hammer or press and improve the surrounding work environment.
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VS Spring Isolators

Vibro/Dynamics Lo/Tuned™ spring isolators feature a very low frequency design optimal for performance in high speed press applications and balanced machinery. Cost effective vibration isolation with time savings features available. Built Tough To Last: Vibro/Dynamics combines its low-stress isolator design philosophy with high-quality materials to ensure the longest effective isolator life.
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SVX Spring Isolators

The SVX Hy/Tuned™ series of spring isolators are designed to solve the toughest vibration and shock control problems. Custom Design and Engineering. Vibro/Dynamics will work with your design team to design and build a spring isolator to suit your particular need. We have numerous damper types and can offer pre-compressed and non-compressed designs. Heavy duty construction and stress-relieved fabrications applied at low working stresses to last the life of every installation.
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