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Forging Industry Products


Vibration and shock isolation systems are essential in the forging industry, where heavy machinery and intense mechanical forces are at play and can cause disturbing and damaging vibration. The right isolation systems greatly reduce the transmission of shock and vibration transmitted to the foundation and surroundings. Nearby machinery, offices, and personnel can be protected from disturbing vibration. Isolation systems also prevent foundation shock and vibration from being fed back into the machine. A high quality, durable isolation system provides long lasting stable machine support for a precise level and alignment. Unique features built into our systems also reduce installation time and costs. All together these contribute to the best installations for every machine for less maintenance and downtime.

MRM Isolation Systems

MRM Isolation Systems are durable elastomer isolation systems that are customized to each application. MRM isolation systems can be applied to any size hammer, including some of the largest in the world. They are designed specifically to your hammer characteristics and installation requirements. The MRM isolation elements offer solid construction and easy installation while providing superior isolation performance especially when compared to traditional installation methods.
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FSV Viscous Damped Coil Spring Isolators

FSV Hy/Damp™ Spring Isolators are one of the most effective forging equipment solutions as they are low natural frequency, viscous damped, coil spring design, providing excellent vibration and shock isolation. These isolators are ideal for forging hammer and forging press applications as their viscous damp design is very effective at reducing motion and absorbing the high energy levels found in forging applications. The superior vibration control will allow for sensitive equipment to be installed closer to the hammer or press and improve the surrounding work environment.
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