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Vibro / Dynamics is pleased to be exhibiting at: FabTech Mexico   Monterrey   May 7-9, 2024 FabTech Orlando, FL   October 15-17, 2024 NADCA 2024 Diecasting Congress and Exposition  Indianapolis, IN  September 30 – October 2, 2024
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Comparing Installation Methods for Stamping Presses


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Vibration Isolation Solutions for Forging Hammers


Are you in the business of forging and looking to enhance your hammer operations? Look no further than the FIA‘s Hammer Maintenance Workshop, an annual event hosted at the cutting-edge training facility in Independence, OH. This workshop provides a unique opportunity to gain crucial knowledge on forging hammer operations and maintenance, with Vibro/Dynamics leading the way in innovative solutions. Innovative Solutions for Optimal Operations Vibro/Dynamics presented valuable insights and case histories on state-of-the-art shock and vibration control systems. These cutting-edge systems are specifically designed to minimize transmitted vibration, providing better installation conditions for hammers compared to traditional timbers. The advantages extend beyond operational improvements. Our solutions prevent foundation damage, create a superior working environment for machine operators, and reduce disturbances to nearby machinery, offices, or neighbors. Durable Systems for Long-lasting Results Vibro/Dynamics goes the extra mile by providing durable, long-lasting systems that maintain the level and alignment of the machine as it was initially installed. This safeguards the machine from unnecessary shock and vibration and contributes to prolonged operational efficiency. The presentation showcases high-performance elastomer and viscous damped coil spring systems, each customized to suit specific forging applications. Interactive Learning for Real-world Impact Vibro/Dynamics‘ presentation at the workshop offers practical solutions addressing the vibration challenges forging hammer operators face daily. The workshop serves as a platform for collaboration, allowing both Vibro/Dynamics and forgers to share experiences and contribute to a collective pool of knowledge. Improve your forging hammer operations with Vibro/Dynamics – where innovation meets efficiency, backed by five decades of expertise and a commitment to advancing industry standards. Contact us for more detailed queries about Vibro/Dynamics products and solutions.
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Vibro/Dynamics Fabtech 2023

Vibro/Dynamics@FabTech 2023


Vibro/Dynamics expertise in the elastomer, coil spring, and forging industry products has been recognized as the industry’s gold standard in Vibration and Shock Isolation products. Decades of dedication and tailored solutions have developed lasting relationships with our customers, and we were thrilled to bring this legacy to the forefront at the FabTech 2023 event. FabTech 2023: The Ultimate Hub For those seeking comprehensive solutions in metal forming, fabrication, welding, and finishing, FabTech is the ultimate hub. But what sets us apart is that you can witness our products in action under the heavy metal stamping presses. Custom-Engineered for Your Needs Our products are not one-size-fits-all; they are custom-engineered for each application. Whether it’s metalworking presses, forging, die-casting machines, seismic protection, or machine tools (including applications in construction), we have a solution tailored to your specific requirements. Beyond Products: Engineering Expertise We offer an extensive range of elastomeric and coil-spring isolators. What distinguishes us isn’t just our high-quality products but also our unrivaled engineering expertise. Additionally, we provide engineering services, including analysis, using our proprietary software solution, SYMOS. This software allows us to analyze the behavior of mechanical systems subjected to shocks or vibrations, ensuring the utmost precision in our solutions. In a world where efficiency, safety, and performance are paramount, Vibro/Dynamics remains the go-to choice for industry leaders seeking top-notch vibration and shock isolation solutions. Our presence at FabTech 2023 reaffirmed our dedication to innovation and excellence. To learn more about how Vibro/Dynamics can elevate your operations and protect your machinery, contact our team of experts today. We look forward to helping you reach new heights in your industry! Stay tuned for more updates and insights from Vibro/Dynamics as we continue to pioneer the world of vibration and shock isolation. https://www.fabtechexpo.com/
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Coil Spring Isolators

When Should I Consider Installing my Press on Spring Isolators?


For a majority of stamping press installations, Vibro/Dynamics elastomer isolators provide the best combination of vibration control, machine stability, ease of installation, and precision leveling. However, there are certain situations when installing a press on spring-type isolators would be a good or even the best choice. This article is intended to help you determine whether your press installation might be a good candidate for spring isolators. What’s the difference? – It’s important to understand the basic difference in performance between the spring and elastomer-type isolators. In a nutshell, while elastomer isolators provide excellent vibration control, spring-type isolators provide even greater vibration reduction. The trade-off is that spring isolators allow greater press motion, thus elastomer isolators are typically used to provide stability where maximum vibration reduction is not required. There is also often a difference in the size of isolator used for the same load. Since elastomer isolators generally support a larger load in a smaller area, spring isolators are typically physically larger for the same size press. Finally, grout plates are typically recommended under spring isolators, while elastomer isolators are installed directly on the concrete surface. Environmental Issues – Whenever a press is installed in an environment where maximum vibration reduction is important due to an existing or potential vibration problem, then the press should be analyzed to see if it can be installed on spring isolators. Examples include presses installed near residential or business neighbors, near sensitive machinery, or near office spaces. In most of these cases, installing a press on spring isolators allows the press to run in closer proximity to both people and other machines so it doesn’t have to be relocated or limited in its production. Press Design and Operation – The design of the press and the operation being run also play a key part in determining whether spring isolators are a good option. Large (400-ton capacity and larger) presses with counter-rotating eccentric drives are often good candidates. These larger presses (and their surroundings) generally benefit from the additional vibration control, yet are balanced enough not to move too much on spring isolators.  On the other end of the spectrum, dynamically-balanced, high-speed presses (greater than 300 SPM) hum along nicely on spring isolators and you should definitely consider them if you have such an installation. Personal Preference – Some metal stampers simply prefer to install presses on spring isolators because they have done so before or want the maximum amount of vibration reduction and are comfortable with a few millimeters of press movement. The use of coil spring isolators is also more common outside the U.S. These users have come to expect the level of vibration isolation provided by spring isolators as well as the press motion they allow. Whatever type of press you have, Vibro/Dynamics will analyze your specific installation and offer the options which are best for your press, whether that be elastomer and/or spring isolators.
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reading a precision machinists level

Annual Preventative Maintenance Checklist for Press Installations


Check the level of your press. The level condition of the press should be checked annually because the floor/foundation supporting a press can shift and settle under the weight of the press. Changes in the operation or plant layout can also affect the settling of the foundation and require releveling of the press. If the press is installed on Vibro/Dynamics isolators, the releveling process is very fast, easy, and precise. For thorough information on the leveling process, contact Vibro/Dynamics to request a copy of the technical bulletin, M/L 647 – How to Level a Press Using a Precision Machinist’s Level. Clean debris from around the isolators. When slugs and other debris build up around the isolators, it’s possible for a solid connection to form between the isolator housing and the floor or pit wall, which could in effect “short-circuit” the isolators and reduce their performance. Check the isolator locknuts. The locknuts threaded on the isolator leveling screws should be securely fastened to the machine feet. If you need to adjust them, use a wrench to hold the head of the leveling screw while tightening the locknut. Check for any solid connections between the press and the foundation or building structure. Flexible connections are recommended for all plumbing and electrical conduit. Floor plates, walkways, railings, feeds, rolling bolster rails, etc…should not be attached to both the machine and the floor, foundation, or building structure. Hard connections will reduce isolation effectiveness. Inspect the machine feet and legs. Repair any cracks or damage. Check the condition of the isolator resilient members. Bulging of the resilient members is normal and it’s okay if they’re dirty. A problem may exist if there are rips, tears, or signs of the resilient member deteriorating. If you are concerned about their condition, send us a photo and we’ll analyze the situation. If there are any problems, individual isolator components can be replaced. Vibro/Dynamics also offers a reconditioning service for isolators, which brings the isolators into a like-new condition for less money than if you were to purchase new ones. To view all of Vibro/Dynamics’ installation instructions, please visit our documents page.
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