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Forging Industry

Shock & Vibration Isolating Systems for the Forging Industry

Elastomer Shock Isolation System For Large Forging Hammer Performs Beyond Expectations

Weighing in at more than 1.6 million pounds, and capable of generating 550,000 ft/lbs (750 kilojoules) of energy, vibration from this enormous hammer was previously felt several blocks away. After it was reinstalled on Vibro/Dynamics MRM Isolation Elements, it could no longer be detected in factory offices let alone y the neighbors.


How are spring isolation and elastomer systems used in the forging industry?

Two types of isolation systems commonly used in forging are MRM Elastomer Systems and FSV Viscous Damped Coil Spring Systems. Elastomer isolation systems provide long-lasting maintenance free vibration isolation and shock absorption in the forging industry with minimal machine motion. MRM systems are typically used under die forgers, drop hammers and hydraulic hammers. FSV spring isolators while offering even greater vibration reduction, do allow more motion and should be carefully maintained.

Taming a 2500 Ton Forging Press

A 2500 Ton National Forging press at Milwaukee Forge that was initially installed on a spring isolation system with outriggers was causing problems because the springs were continually breaking, resulting in costly press downtime and maintenance. The press also moved excessively on the spring isolation system, due to either poor damping, misapplication or both. The excessive motion caused electrical conduit, and water and air lines running to the press to rupture and break. The continuous press motion also increased press cycle time, resulting in reduced productivity

Vibro/Dynamics was contacted for help and a recommendation was made to reinstall the press on four BFM1305/110 Micro/Level® elastomeric isolators. Almost immediately, Milwaukee Forge began to see the benefits. According to Gene Ziarek “We spent $12,000 to $13,000 on replacement springs alone and with the Micro/Level Isolators, this cost was eliminated. Not only were savings realized on the replacement springs, but in the manpower required to replace them as well.”


What makes Vibro/Dynamics MX Series isolators suitable for large stamping presses?

These isolators are specifically designed for large stamping presses weighing  from 113,500 to over 2.3 million kg. (250,000 to 5 million lbs.). The provide high-performance vibration isolation, and are equipped with unique patented features that greatly reduce the time and costs associated with installing and leveling the largest of presses. The precision leveling, Hydra-Level capability, and pivot/swivel feature built into our MX Series isolators provide the ability to install large presses in hours instead of days, and provide the proper support to maintain a level and aligned press structure. Noise, vibration, and downtime are reduced, while efficiency and productivity are increased.