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Vibration Isolation Materials

Vibro/Dynamics offers a full range of vibration isolation materials supported by an experienced engineering team who provide expert guidance in their application. Our engineers work directly with your design team (Architect, Structural Engineer, Acoustic Consultant etc.) to determine best product(s) for every application.

Incorporating effective vibration isolation materials at the design stage ensures efficient, cost-effective construction.  Use of vibration isolation in foundations and building construction minimize potentially costly noise and vibration issues in the future.


  • Building structures​.
  • Machinery foundations.​
  • Industrial machinery.
  • Available in sheets, pads or rolls.


VibraFoam is a moisture resistant polyetherurethane vibration isolation material ideal for large surface area applications. Highly stable, resilient and predictable performance.
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Closed-cell polyetherurethane cellular foam vibration isolation material. Maintains properties and performance when subjected to fluids or groundwater. Ideal for large surface area applications. Stable predictable long-term performance.
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Rubber (unused) granule composite material for economical and effective noise and vibration isolation.
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