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Forging Industry Products MRM Isolation Systems

MRM Insulation Systems are modular, layered elastomer insulation elements configured to provide excellent shock and vibration isolation. At the heart of the MRM System are modular, resilient cushions. Unlike sheets of pad material, each module is molded individually to tightly controlled stiffness and damping specifications. All modules are made using modern, high-quality polymers, specially compounded for severe manufacturing environments. The modules can be molded in different stiffnesses, load capacities, durometers, and thicknesses, and also molded bonded, or unbonded to a steel plate. The modules are then rigidly fastened to a series of interlocking plates and assembled into a one-piece, unitized construction, called an MRM Isolation Element. The number of modular layers and columns is configured for each application and applied at low working stresses. All of these variables are used to achieve the proper performance characteristics required for a successful hammer installation and the end result is a highly effective, long lasting vibration isolation system.

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