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All Types of Metal Working Presses

Save Time & Money by Installing Large Stamping Presses on MXL Leveling & Isolation Systems 

Installing a 1500 ton Press Quickly

A Verson-Enprotech S4-1500-240-96T transfer press, weighing about 800,000 lbs., was installed on Vibro/Dynamics MXL style elastomer isolators, featuring Hydra/Level® technology. The isolators were attached to the press bed, the press was stacked, precisely leveled, aligned to the foundation centerline, and matched to the rolling bolster rails elevation in less than five hours.

Solving neighbor complaints from heavy stamping with a 97% reduction of peak acceleration on foundation

A 400 ton press blanking 0.188” cold rolled steel at 30 – 35 SPM,  that had been installed on neoprene rubber pad and an 18” thick foundation, was located less than 30 feet from neighbors and was generating vibration complaints. Vibro/Dynamics performed a vibration analysis, and then engineered a viscously damped, coil spring isolator system for maximum isolation. The press was reinstalled on outriggers to spread the front-to-back mounting points to twice their original span, which minimized press rocking motion.

Testing revealed, when running at 20 SPM, a 97% reduction of peak acceleration on the foundation for the Vibro/Dynamics spring installation versus the pad material. Additionally, the installation achieved a better than 95% reduction in peak acceleration running at 30 SPM, compared with the rubber pad installation running at 20 SPM. The customer complaints were eliminated.