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Vibration Isolation Materials VibraDyn

A closed-cell polyetherurethane cellular foam vibration isolation material. Maintains properties and performance in applications with high groundwater conditions. Available in sheets or strips for full surface application between structural components.  Available in five standard types for typical areas and loads. For high load, small area applications (2) high density (HL) types are also available. The isolation of building structures prevents disturbing noise and vibration from negatively affecting equipment, machinery, personnel and icreases property value. High-performance isolation material provides effective protection against vibration when placed beneath, around and between structural components.


  • Near linear load deflection characteristics.
  • Minimum compression set (<5%) even after peak loading.
  • Does not absorb fluids.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Used in residential, office and commercial buildings

Vibration Isolation Materials VIM Brochure