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Micro/Level Elastomer Isolators

Vibro/Dynamics Micro/Level Isolators

Micro/Level Isolators are elastomeric machine mounts that are available in over 6,000 models and hundreds of load ranges to properly support, level, align, and isolate machines weighing up to 2500 tons. Featuring a super-strong one-piece housing; a high-strength steel bearing plate; a heat-treated adjustment screw and a custom-molded elastomer that effectively reduces harmful vibration.

6 to 8 series

6 to 8 series vibration isolators have load capacities up to 8,000 lbs/36 kN for industrial machinery weighing up to 45 tons depending on the number of mounting points.
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9 to 26 Series

9 to 16 and BFM series vibration isolators are designed for machinery weighing up to 450,000 lbs/2000 kN
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Precision Leveling MX Series

MXL and MXLP Series Micro/Level Isolators are elastomer type mounting systems that combine highly effective vibration and shock isolation with built-in leveling for presses weighing up to 5 million lbf. Natural frequencies as low as 8 Hz are possible with MX systems due to their unique multi-layer, modular elastomer design. MXL and MXLP models feature integral precision leveling combined with Hydra/Level® lift-assist capability, making leveling and alignment of even the heaviest presses accurate, fast and safe. The MXLP Models have a unique Leveling Screw and Swiveling Mechanism so the isolator can be located anywhere under the machine foot for greater layout flexibility. The swiveling/tilt capability automatically compensates for up to a 2 degree slope in the foundation surface, assuring proper support of the machine foot and uniform loading of the isolation mount.
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Wedge Leveling Micro/Level Isolators

Vibro/Dynamics wedge leveling isolators with unique features are capable of support of static loads up to 240,000 lbf.
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