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Vibro/Dynamics Products in Seismically Active Areas

The application of shock and vibration isolators has proven to be very beneficial in protecting equipment and buildings from the catastrophic effects of earthquakes. However, the structure of a machine and a building is very different. Buildings have much lower system natural frequencies than do machine tools. These differences need to be taken into consideration when designing and applying shock and vibration isolators. Vibro/Dynamics Isolators include design features that are proven effective in protecting machinery from earthquakes with low to medium magnitudes. Earthquakes produce varying deflections at frequencies from 0.5 to 30 Hz.  Machinery is susceptible to damage when subjected to higher frequency vibration and the twisting forces caused by horizontal displacements and foundations that move or fracture, unlike buildings where most earthquake damage is due to low natural frequencies that excite the building structure.

Seismic Protection of Equipment

Vibro/Dynamics offers several lines of housed spring isolators. In addition to reducing vibration transmission, they are effective in Seismic Zone (Ss<45%) Applications.

• All mounts have an approximate 50% overload capacity.
• Our springs are powder coated for superior corrosion protection.
• Springs are color coded for easy identification of load capacity.
• High strength steel housings are designed to provide seismic protection and handle high wind forces.
• Our steel construction allows equipment to be either welded or bolted to isolators.
• External leveling allows for the capability to compensate for full static deflection.

Other Applications: General industrial equipment, Diesel Generators, Pumps, Compressors, Chillers, Gen Sets, Condensing Units, Cooling Towers, Centrifugal / Axial Fans, Blowers, Rooftop Packaged Units, Furnaces and Induction Heaters, Small High-Speed Punch Presses, etc.