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Installing a General Electric 7FA Gas Turbine on
Vibro / Dynamics SVXN Coil Spring Isolators

Vibro/Dynamics was approached by Waller Marine
and subcontractor, Berger ABAM to assist in the design and build of two floating power generation barges
to provide Caracas, Venezuela with needed power.
Each barge was to be powered by a GE 7FA dual
fuel industrial turbine, weighing 650 tons and developing
230,000 horsepower, capable of producing 171 MW.

It was determined that a pre-stressed, reinforced concrete
plinth supported by low-frequency, spring isolators
was the best solution. Several isolation models of varying stiffness
and types of damping were considered and analyzed.
Analysis concluded that a low-frequency, viscous damped,
coil spring isolator would provide the best results.
Vibro/Dynamics successfully designed, built and delivered while meeting the very aggressive installation schedule set by Waller Marine.