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Vibration Isolation Materials DAMTEC®

DAMTEC® is acoustic insulation mats made of a combination of recycled and virgin rubber granulate made from the automotive and medical industry, manufactured by KRAIBURG Relastec in Germany. For lower loads, the mats are smooth on the upper side and ribbed on the underside. This geometry lower the material stiffness, for increased performance. For higher loads, both sides are smooth.  The product recommended is based on the compression loads and stress levels. Optimum vibration damping and preventions of structure-borne sound transmission can be achieved by using different thicknesses of product and/or layering of product.


  • Chemically bonded rubber granule polyurethane composite.
  • Available in sheets or rolls.
  • Flat or wave cut surface profiles available.
  • Multiple thickness options available.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • High load capacities.
  • Used in residential, office and commercial buildings