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Engineered solutions for
shock and vibration 

About Vibro/Dynamics

Vibro/Dynamics products are custom engineered machinery mounting systems that reduce transmitted vibration while improving machine installations. Our products and systems are custom engineered for each application using a collaborative, engineered approach. Modern material technologies combined with 50+ years of experience, provide successful, long-lasting installations that pay for themselves with improved machine performance, and control of disturbing vibration.

Our Approach

Solutions to shock and vibration challenges require analysis and understanding of the entire system comprised of the machine to be isolated, the forces it generates, the environment and the response characteristics of the isolators.

Vibro/Dynamics was founded on an engineered approach to shock and vibration isolation. All applications are individually analyzed, and each solution is customized to achieve the desired results.

This approach has guided our company from its beginning and has developed into an advanced process using specialized and industry leading modeling and analytical software. Paired with our extensive application experience and the broadest product line available, we can confidently offer effective solutions for almost any shock and vibration application.

Engineered solutions

Close collaboration with our customers enables us to offer a wide range of effective solutions, efficiently tailored to every application.

As part of Socitec US, one of the Socitec group of companies, our resources include n-Degree Of Freedom SYMOS Simulation, Advanced FEA, 2D/3D CAD, and Physical Testing Services.

These tools enable us to provide detailed reports providing unparalleled insights for every application anywhere in the world.


The Industries We Serve

Our markets include metalforming presses, forging presses and hammers, die casting machines, plastic injection molding machines, power generation and HVAC equipment, machine tools and many others.  We possess expertise in the design and application elastomer, and coil spring based isolators. Contact us to learn about our anti-vibration machinery mounting systems.

Vibro/Dynamics and Socitec US. 






Our more than 50 years experience combined with the support of Socitec creates a global presence in the US, Europe and China.

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Vibro / Dynamics is pleased to be exhibiting at: FabTech Mexico   Monterrey   May 7-9, 2024 FabTech Orlando, FL   October 15-17, 2024 NADCA 2024 Diecasting Congress and Exposition  Indianapolis, IN  September 30 – October 2, 2024
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reading a precision machinists level

Annual Preventative Maintenance Checklist for Press Installations


Check the level of your press. The level condition of the press should be checked annually because the floor/foundation supporting a press can shift and settle under the weight of the press. Changes in the operation or plant layout can also affect the settling of the foundation and require releveling of the press. If the press is installed on Vibro/Dynamics isolators, the releveling process is very fast, easy, and precise. For thorough information on the leveling process, contact Vibro/Dynamics to request a copy of the technical bulletin, M/L 647 – How to Level a Press Using a Precision Machinist’s Level. Clean debris from around the isolators. When slugs and other debris build up around the isolators, it’s possible for a solid connection to form between the isolator housing and the floor or pit wall, which could in effect “short-circuit” the isolators and reduce their performance. Check the isolator locknuts. The locknuts threaded on the isolator leveling screws should be securely fastened to the machine feet. If you need to adjust them, use a wrench to hold the head of the leveling screw while tightening the locknut. Check for any solid connections between the press and the foundation or building structure. Flexible connections are recommended for all plumbing and electrical conduit. Floor plates, walkways, railings, feeds, rolling bolster rails, etc…should not be attached to both the machine and the floor, foundation, or building structure. Hard connections will reduce isolation effectiveness. Inspect the machine feet and legs. Repair any cracks or damage. Check the condition of the isolator resilient members. Bulging of the resilient members is normal and it’s okay if they’re dirty. A problem may exist if there are rips, tears, or signs of the resilient member deteriorating. If you are concerned about their condition, send us a photo and we’ll analyze the situation. If there are any problems, individual isolator components can be replaced. Vibro/Dynamics also offers a reconditioning service for isolators, which brings the isolators into a like-new condition for less money than if you were to purchase new ones. To view all of Vibro/Dynamics’ installation instructions, please visit our documents page.
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